Welcome slave

I am an exciting and very superior mistress with vacancies for new slaves who are prepared grovel at my elegant nylon clad extremely high heeled feet.

I am an extremely decadent and ruthless mistress who is always in control.

Any privileged slave that I invite into my fully equipped dungeon will be strictly trained in the art obedience, subservience and humiliation.

Corporal punishment is always necessary for slaves who cannot control their excitement. Beware!

I have an exciting array of canes, whips, paddles,  birches  and crops which will be use on my slaves when they are tied or buckled to my latex covered  bed or examination chair. I will show no mercy.

For the more adventurous and experienced slaves I have have a vast selection of masks, gags and toys that I delight in using.

I am a total fantasy mistress; open your mind to me me completely, share your fantasies, and I will blow your mind as I role-play with you.

But remember: Your pain and discomfort is my pleasure and I show very little mercy!.